What is an impacted tooth?

An impacted tooth simply means that the tooth is stuck and cannot erupt into function. The canine tooth is a critical tooth in the dental arch. It plays an important role in your bite. Your canine teeth are designed to be the first teeth that touch when you close your jaw and guide the rest of your teeth into the proper bite. It is also the second most common tooth to become impacted!

What happens if the canine is impacted?

Your orthodontist and oral surgeon will work closely to develop an individualized treatment plan to allow the canine to erupt. Typically, your orthodontist will place braces on your teeth to create a space for the impacted canine to moved down into. Once the space is ready, the oral surgeon will expose the impacted tooth and place a bracket with a chain attached to it. If there is a baby tooth present, it will be extracted at this time. Shortly after surgery you will return to see your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will attach a rubber band to the chain and begin the process of moving the tooth into it’s proper place.

How long does it take and will I be awake?

Many patients choose to go to

sleep for this procedure as it makes it more comfortable for them. The oral surgery procedure takes about 45 minutes. The actual process of moving the canine tooth into it’s position in your dental arch can take up to a year. Your orthodontist will advise you as to how
long they anticipate your case taking.