Teeth Whitening

Why whiten?

Teeth whitening has exploded in popularity as a way to brighten your smile and make it more pleasing to the eye. In a world where first impressions carry a lot of weight, it is helpful to be able to smile with confidence. This whitening process involves bleaching the teeth in order to whiten a stained tooth or to brighten a dull smile. The procedure is safe and generally a painless process.

Tray whitening is less expensive and can be done at home. The process is gradual, but the results are certainly impressive. Again, impressions will be

made of your teeth in order to make customized

trays. You will wear these trays for 30-60 minutes at a time for maximum results. You can follow up with touch up treatments in order to maintain the bright smile.

If you are looking for a brilliant smile, it may be as simple as the bleaching found in this whitening procedure. The cost of bleaching is reasonable and is definitely a great first step for improving the aesthetics of your smile.